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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: in the picture is The Hulk. He is the strongest there is, according to him. If you don’t know who he is that’s ok. He’s not real. But what you can take away is that he is the most confident character you will ever lay eyes on. In all the years I have read about him or watch movies about him (yes, I was a comic book geek) I have never once come across an instance of an actualization question of if he could do something. Be the Hulk. In so far as you never question your ability. Does working out hurt? At times. Is changing your lifestyle to eat better and be healthier difficult? Yes, because it requires work and attention. Will I become discouraged? At times. Can you do it? Definitely!

Since we cannot really be the Hulk (oh how boyhood me wishes!) let’s adopt his confidence. Let’s refuse excuses and deny laziness. Let’s embrace the work needed to see the results that will lead to healthier versions of ourselves. If you have started don’t quit, don’t give up. If you haven’t what are you waiting for? You can start with how you eat. Changes in portion and what you eat are essential! Get started today!

Just because of have moments when it seems impossible doesn’t mean you have failed it means you are trying for something bigger than you ever have in your life. Give it all the effort you can.

Have a great day and a great workout!