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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: you are committed to the task? To your goals is there unwavering devotion? I would be willing to say maybe. Let’s have some credit, you’ve worked hard. For me I am haunted by my memories of the ghost of fat boys past. Looking in the mirror is a struggle, because I know my mind is going to be hyper-critical. But for me that fuels the motivation. It helps me push past the excuses and the lies that want me to quit my pursuit of devotion (not in the worship of my body or any physical body, but in obtaining my goal of better health.)

So how is your commitment? How is your resolve? Do you still have the drive to make it happen? It’s like being in love. You start with physical interest, peaked by mental arousal, and topped of with a chemical cocktail that leaves you almost breathless, but stay in that relationship long enough and the dynamic changes and if you haven’t built real love and commitment to one another you may find yourself starting all over.

Are you building that commitment to your goals? If not, think of and put into action ways that you can!

And on that it’s my turn to work on commitment I’m off to the gym!

Have a great day and a great workout!