While there is no picture for this one I am no less encouraged by her hard work and how she is not just becoming my healthy physically but her self-image is improving as well! So much so that as I am struggling with negativity today she is the one building me up!

I am so lucky!

To anyone reading this: build each other up and help tear down negatives in each other’s life!

My bride is doing that with me today. I am wearing a shirt that I am not the most comfortable in because my brain says it’s too small, but she says I look good in it and since she had the good taste in marrying me (totally kidding!!!! I definitely married up!!!!!!) I will listen to her. And even as I express how I am still not 100% on this shirt she is steady the faithful encourager! How great is that?!?!

If there is someone like that in your life take time today and thank them. Be purposeful and sincere!

Have a great day!