Hey everybody! I am going to vent for a moment so if you don’t want to read this I understand. Check back later for new posts.

With that let the venting begin!

I really enjoy writing posts everyday. Knowing that people are reading them and hopefully being encouraged by them is a huge motivation for myself and also a giant dose of accountability. So thank you to everyone who reads these words!


Find pictures and other visuals is difficult. As a happily married man I work diligently to make sure my life is above reproach. This includes what I see… I don’t seek out visuals of the female form, my bride is all the woman I need, but when looking for visual motivation I am bombarded by sweaty almost naked woman (and men) and there is that struggle of the flesh. I get uncomfortable and almost embarrassed as my modesty is confronted with these images.

Please don’t read this as a call to cover-up women in neck-to-floor dresses. That isn’t what this is.

This is me venting. Pure and simple.

I am lamenting a struggle that I face when trying to honor my bride as well as provide fresh content for the blog each day without a bunch of flesh. Even at the gym my gaze is intimately familiar with the floor and the ceiling (and I have even started practicing my 1000yard stare that the military taught me) because I do not want to dishonor my bride or objectify, or be thought to be objectifying, any person working out.

Plus, for me the last thing I want to see is a ripped muscular guy while I still struggle with my internal self image. I don’t need any outside influence or file for my own negativity and I am sure there are others who feel the same way.

Whether you believe in creationism, evolution, intelligent design, hatchlings or whatever the human form is amazingly beautiful. How we are put together is awe inspiring to me, but I find it difficult to find images of people giving it there all during their workout and still being modestly clothed. My I am being prudish, I don’t know and don’t care, but please know that I try to respect each person reading this. I want it to be family friendly and the images to be safe for all… Even myself.

If anyone has a good source let me know.

Thanks for letting me vent!