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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: success usually comes after a whole string of failures. Which can make that moment so much sweeter! Especially, if you have cut out normal sweets from your diet. I have shared my highs and lows, but would love to hear from you! Where have you made progress? Where have you failed?

At work it feels like people are bringing in wave after wave of donuts or biscuits and I have eaten my hard boiled eggs, green tea, and fruit of the day cheerfully. But in all honesty, a donut would have been so belicious! (That’s a word used around the fat boy house to describe how good something tastes that is beyond delicious)

While skipping a donut may not sound like much, it is just another victory in a stream of battles as war is waged against being unhealthy. So what is your tell of battle? What are your war stories?

Let’s help motivate each other as we go into the weekend! I hope to hear from you soon!