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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: there is a moment when you decide to make changes in your life that every ounce of doubt screams, “No! It’s too hard!” And if you entertain it, even for a moment, you open the door to its influence and then it will be.

That same doubt is with you at each step of the way. Each time you lace up and tie your running shoes, each time you step up to the produce stand instead of the chip isle, and each time you rack a set if weights for your workout it will be there trying to convince you to quit, to give in and give up. This doubt, this fear is terrified of your determination, it mocks your will, and spots in the face of your resolve and if you give in… It will OWN you!

Each time I feel it creeping up I laugh, acknowledge that it is there, tell it to SHUT UP! and push past the doubt. There are days when this is easier than others but you get it done! You do not quit! You do not find excuses to not go, you find reasons to go and workout harder than the day before! This is what drives change, not simply going to the gym each day, but finding the strength to silence the doubt and fear in your life!

You can do this!

Have a great day and a great workout!