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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: Wake Up and Be Awesome!

You can choose to make this a physical awakening as from sleep or like me an awakening from the lies that I have to be ok with being out of shape, overweight, and unhealthy. For so long I thought that my days of being healthy and fit were gone, that the days of being able to move my own body weight were out of reach. But this isn’t true.

Within our own lives, we are capable if the miraculous. What may seem so small to others, like a walk around the block, may be the amazing accomplishment that you treasure in your heart. Wake up to your own possibilities! You are awesome! You can be awesome!

Today, at the finishing of this read you can determine how the rest plays out. Are you going to keep on track with your current status quo or are you going to foster real, remarkable changes for a healthier you?

Today, you CAN Wake Up and Be Awesome!

Have a great day!