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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: why start tomorrow what you can do today? If the desire to make changes in your life hits, do something about it! You don’t have to go out and buy a gym membership, a bunch of workout clothes, and a bunch of videos or products to get started! Start with little changes. Have the fruit cup instead of fries, opt for water instead of soda, or go for a walk around the block before or after a meal (or both)! No one is coming to your door on that first day, in those first moments, to sign you up for a marathon or ironman competition so don’t stress! Guess what there are some really amazing personal trainers, beneficial products, and really great places to workout, but the decision to use them right away should be a no pressure one!

If you don’t know when to start then start today. Print out this post right now (I’ll wait…) and stand up to read it. It requires more energy to stand than sit. Look see there already more calories burned. You could go back and read this post again and every other sentence alternate between sitting and standing (now you are doing air squats! You may look silly to others around you, but really who gives a crap! They aren’t going to lose the weight or make healthy changes for you!)

Really it’s about getting started! Silly as it may be one of my favorite sayings is, “crap or get off the pot.” This implies that you have a decision to make… For some of you you haven’t even made it to the pot yet! So here is your chance to stop being dissatisfied, to stop dressing in big baggy layers of dark clothes to cover-up what you don’t like about yourself (I was guilty of that!), to finally be proud of your accomplishments so why out that off until tomorrow?

Put down the remote, the candy bar, and the excuses! Start today, baby steps! You’ve got this! If you need encouragement let me know, find me on Facebook and I will be happy to encourage you, Erik Jonzie Jones, but if you do I am going to expect you to do your part, because I am going to do mine!

If the fat boy (me) a complete stranger can believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to, then why can’t you? NO EXCUSE!

Have a great day and a great workout!