50 - 44

Let’s start with the picture above… this is from this morning before I left for the gym. The pants I am holding are a size 50 that I was wearing right before Christmas 2013. I think my bride and I both could fit in them… maybe we will try that later! HAHA!

Down to business!

By mid-month I had not reached my goal and was quite disappointed. So I adjusted my goals and began the process on getting back on track.

To recap:

Updated Mid-month Goal:
On 2/14/14
Weight: 290.1
Goal: 285.8
Pant Size 45

As of this morning:
Weight: 284.6
Pant Size: 44

I am so excited!!!

New Goal Time
Mid-month goal
Weight: Maintain 284.6 (or lose – that’s ok too)
Pant Size: Maintain 44 (or lose – that’s ok too)

End of Month Goal:
Do a pull-up
Just one!

HAHA! It sounds simple enough, but in reality moving one’s body weight is easier said than done! I am excited about the challenge, but am really nervous! It is going to require more focus on functional strength, increased cardio to shed any extra weight I can, and building up back, arm, shoulder, and chest muscles! That’s why I am not focused on losing pounds on the scale. Because as I build muscle and drop fat it may be an even trade off.

I really appreciate all the encouragement that everyone has been giving me and am glad that I can share it with the world. If you are curious on how I am getting this done feel free to ask!

Are you setting goals for yourself? If you are, are you meeting them? I’d love to hear your story! Feel free to comment on this post!

Have a great day!