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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: see I told you! Get moving! I am not the only one trying to encourage you to do something. This isn’t the moment to recite, “if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you?” Because I am going to ask two questions: 1. Do you realize that there are bridges that are only a few inches off the ground? So yeah I would most people aren’t scared of a step down. 2. Is a HUGE rubber band strapped to my big ol’ butt so that I can slingshot around and then eventually look like bait for t-Rex? And again: Heck yeah I would I always wanted to pet a T-Rex! (And if I catch it I am going to keep it without asking if I can!)

The point of my non-sense is that getting up and getting healthy isn’t some new found trend it had evolved overtime, but essentially remained the same. Your grandparents did it. It was called work and life. Since we revel, especially in the country, with tech that even our parents would and are probably frightened of we have become lazy! “Why have a garden when I can go to the store?” “Why workout when I can take this dangerous mix of chemicals to ‘burn’ the fat off of me from within?” (I am really guilty of this one over my life) “I can’t run or workout if I don’t have any music.” And the list of excuses goes on and on! Shut up! (I may have looked in the mirror when I wrote that line)

No excuses! Get up, get active! Don’t cheat yourself out feeling amazing!

Have a great day and a great workout!