Hey Everybody! I recently asked a friend of the family, Michelle, if she
would be willing to answer a few questions since she is a personal
trainer in the McGee’s Crossroads/Benson area. She is a mom, avid
runner, and just a great, fun loving person who I thought could add some
great insight for not just me, but for you as well! The idea is that
what works for me may or may not work for you. So to help you stay
motivated here are my questions to her and her responses.

1. How would you recommend people get started?

“I think people need to get started by making small changes, if they
start off too extreme in either nutrition or exercise; they are usually
setting themselves up for failure. ”

2. Is diet really that important?

“Diet or what I call nutrition, because the word “diet” scares people,
makes them feel like they are being deprived , what do the first 3
letters of “diet” spell? 🙂
Nutrition is #1!!! Muscles are made at the gym, weight loss/”thin” is
made in the kitchen. People need to find a nutrition plan that works for
them so they succeed. Again, making smaller changes at first. Maybe give
up soda or cut back if you’re used to having several a day. Then switch
out white bread, pasta, rice for brown. Etc.”

3. What is the most difficult part about getting started?

“I think the most difficult part of getting started is getting off the
couch. It’s hard work and people want a quick fix. I think people are
embarrassed to go to the gym, but that’s why the gym is there. I think
people don’t want to tell other people they have started a nutrition/workout plan bc they don’t want to be accountable and scrutinized for everything they do and eat.”

4. How would you recommend people to stay motivated?

“I think group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated. A
workout partner, again you need to be held accountable, even if it’s by
yourself. Put “workout” on your daily “to do” list, and just like you
check everything else off, make sure you get that check.”

5. What advice do you find yourself giving the most?

“My best advice is don’t overestimate the calories you burn and don’t
under estimate what you eat and drink. A food journal is an AWESOME
idea!!! There are lots of apps that you can log food and exercise.
Myfitnesspal is great! It’s an eye opener when you see it in numbers.
You don’t put on 20 pounds in 2 weeks, so don’t expect it to come off in
2 weeks. It takes your body 3-4 weeks to realize what the heck is going
on once you start making changes. It’s a process. Hope I answered most
of that. Let me know if you need me to expand on anything. Again, I’m no
expert, but I know what works for me.”

6. Where do you work and are you for hire/scheduling?

“I teach group spin and body sculpt classes at Fit4life in Benson and at
McGee’s crossroads. I am for hire for personal training.”

I know these aren’t exhaustive questions, but my thinking was that these were the ones that most of those who are struggling with either getting started or staying motivated might have. If you are looking for a spin or body sculpting class or for a personal trainer I know Michelle can
help you get your sweat on!

Thank you Michelle for taking your time to answer a few questions!

Have a great day!