Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: (yay! Today’s graphic was found by my awesome honey and Bride!) I am not sure when I first heard it, but at this point I think we all have, “You are what you eat.” With all the working out in the gym and excitement over body changes if I was still eating my meals out of a gas station I would have called it quits by now! Hot Dogs, oatmeal cream pies, chips, soda, energy drink… I was a chemical and preservative cocktail in Erik skin, not an energetic, enthusiastic man, excited about working out and motivating not just himself but you as well! It is weird for me to be advocating the consumption of vegetables, but they are so vital! Ask my mom and dad, when I was a kid the list of veggies I would eat was MUCH short than would not. But as a husband and a dad of three I have an example to set and that is to be healthy physically. My bride and I work so hard to make sure our family is emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically healthy, but I had been neglecting the physical aspect. No longer! For them (and me) I have said, “so long” to unhealthy cravings and am truly hungry! I understand what I means to want to eat healthy because I can tell when my body is lacking certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and I eat not merely shovel something down my face hole. So whether through going paleo, vegetarian, or full blown woodland creature fork up some awesome squash, broccoli, carrots, spinach, an whatever else that will truly fuel and replenish your body!

The best way to do this is when you are shopping for groceries ask yourself this question, “did it grow like this or was it processed to look like this?” Stick closer to the “it grew like this” side of the spectrum. Answering that will make all the difference.

Have a great day and healthy eating!