This failed to upload in 2017… I feel embarrassed all over again.

I’ve lost count of the number of reasons to get healthier and frankly lose at least 100lbs of body mass. But tonight’s reason is pretty substantial…  😔 when you can’t get out of the car because you are too big to fit through the limited door opening between your car and the one next to you because you don’t want to ding your car or theirs. It is embarrassing and makes me look like the guy who didn’t want to meet his little girl’s teachers. 

Frankly, if I could survive it I would cut off all the excess body fat tonight. But getting healthy and fat loss don’t work that way. So, I’ll use this as fuel and motivation to get my fat behind up more often, make even healthier choices for what I put in my mouth, and do so in a sustainable way. 
#embarrassed #ashamed

Keep pushing y’all!