I’ll be the first to tell you that not every workout, run, or whatever is going to be a PR (personal record). Not every trip out is going to be one that you are proud of. 

Frustrating I know! 

What you can be proud of is that fact that you did it. 

Let that sink in… You did it.

Repeat after me: 




With all the child like wonder you can muster I want you to revel in knowing that you didn’t give up. 

Your workout was planned. You started it and as bad as it may have been you saw it through to its completion. 

The amazing and wonder of it all is that as badly as you wanted to quick, as much as you may have thought, “let me just stop before I hurt myself or make things worse” you pushed on. Maybe you lessened the weight or slowed your pace. Maybe you just decided to walk it out I don’t know, but what I do know is that you did it. 

This is what I am telling myself tonight. You see my run tonight sucked! 

My list of couldn’ts: 

1. Get my breathing right

2. Find a comfortable pace

3. Get my mind focused

My legs got tight and sore 10 minutes in. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t. 


I’ve given up too much this year. My won’t has become can’t. 

That’s difficult to acknowledge. 

Will I get back to my love/hate with running? Sure will! 

Will it be soon? Probably not! Ha! 

But I press on. 

I gave up on doing a Spartan Race and I am ashamed of that. I’m not giving up on this half marathon! It’s not because I already paid the money, it’s that in my head and heart I’ve already crossed the finish line. I’ve already seen the signs my kids will make and how they will cheer me on! I’ve already seen the pride in my bride’s eyes as she waits for me at the finish line (she’s faster than me)! 

Already, but not yet…

I have to keep going. I have to keep making choices each day that will support me physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Choices that will get me over the finish line. 

Today, I did it. 

What about you?

Remember, we are just ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives. 

Erik “the Fat Boy”