Restarting my fitness was not something I ever planned on. I thought I would forever be motivated. I thought I would forever be dedicated.

I wasn’t. 

Instead, I am enjoying my humble pie. 

EFBM started as a way to keep me motivated in losing weight and getting healthy. Each day I would post a saying, a picture, a write-up, or a video. Now I find myself rewatching it. 

I’m thankful. 

I’m thankful that go-getter me did those things so now I can approach my wellness journey with wisdom and lessons learned. 

I am excited about starting over? No. 

I am excited I can? Yes! 

So as I sit here sore from this weekends workouts and running through this week’s in my head let me leave you with this: if you are reading this, it’s not too late. Be honest with where you are, forgive yourself, and get started. 

If the getting started is what scares you, do what I’m doing and go back to the first posts of this blog from Jan 2014. Let 320lbs me influence and motivate you as much as he is motivating 270lbs me today. 

Until next time, remember we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.