We all need to be reminded of something very valuable… We are more than the individual facets that make up who we are. Our complexity is simply stunning. Our desire for refinement of our physical form and a change in our lifestyle should be viewed through the lens of an artisan or jeweler: that we are taking the rough form and bring out what is underneath. A true craftsman sees the starting point as something to behold and exquisite. They know that over time it’s form will change and with patience, attention to detail, and passion. 

We need to remember that we are works of art, wonderfully and beautifully designed and created; that though we may find ourselves feeling like the rough draft our body types, our BMI, our hair or lack there of, or any other physical characteristic do not make us who we are they are merely a single point of a larger whole. 

I struggle with the number on the scale so I do not get on the scale out of defiance to my insecurity. I am stronger than my weakness and I am beautiful. 

So are you.