Sorry no video tonight, but here is what is going on. Today, I started my challenge of 5 5k’s in 5 days: 50 mins / 3.56miles / 14:17 mm:ss pace.  It was harder than I thought, but I also held back a little because I have 4 more to do. Going into it I had plenty of excuses to not run today, but I put those aside and pushed forward. Here are some things I learned even in just the first one: 

1. Have a training buddy. Running with my bride today was so helpful! 

2. Keep going! Even if you have to walk, complete your task! 

3.  Rest up! Both before and after! As I am writing this, I am icing my left shin. It started to bother me on my run. 

4. Just like pacing yourself in your run, pace yourself through out your journey and challenge. 
There are going to be struggles. There are going to be setbacks. Don’t let them derail your progress or your journey to success! 

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Remember we are just ordinary people trying to love extraordinary lives!