No video today… I forgot my camera at home… #fail 

But that won’t stop me from posting! 

Today is about intermittent fasting. Fasting has hugh health benefits, when done properly! This can be just a single meal or a couple of days! Before fasting please check with your healthcare professional to ensure you are healthy enough for it. Some people may not be ready so get checked out to make sure your body will be ok. 

For me, fasting isn’t just a faith practice. It helps me to get back in tune with my body. It helps to clear my mind, focus on my body’s true needs and deprive it of unhealthy cravings! I fast before I start any new program (Hint: I am starting my super secret program tomorrow)! This helps me to have a zero starting point, helps to make sure my bloating or inflammation is minimized for body readings/measurements and provides a more accurate idea of body weight.

On days that I fast, my workout activity is decreased due to no caloric intake and the workouts are mostly cardio… Fasting and weight lifting do not make for good bedfellows! 

I am not saying run out right now and start a forty day fast… What I am saying is carefully and even prayerfully consider it. There have been plenty of studies that support the huge health benefits that can be experienced from fasting. 

Somethings to keep in mind: 

1. If you take medication that requires food to be consumed with it, consult a healthcare professional.

2. If you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, or something else along those lines, consult a healthcare professional. 

3. Plan ahead. Maybe a good day to start is on a weekend when stress can be minimized.

4. Keep busy. Keep your mind and hands active so that you are not dwelling or fixating on food. 

5. Start slow! Start with just fasting from a snack or meal. 
This can be extremely rewarding and beneficial, but like everything else it should be done in moderation and with careful consideration. 

Let me know your experiences with fasting!

Have a great day and remember we are just ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.