* Long Post Warning*
(Disclaimer: The following post is an “experiment” I decided to try on my own. I do not recommend anyone try this without first consulting with their physician or healthcare professional. I am not a trained healthcare professional or trained in dietary nutrition. This group nor I are responsible for any complications or risks associated by changing your diet or changes in your physical activity level.)
Hey everybody! Recently, I decided to conduct a little experiment and eat based on the recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. This is the current standard put forth by the USDA and a whole host of other government agencies about what we, as Americans, should be eating. I am at day 17 and feel like CRAP! I will not be going the whole 30 days like I intended! 
Here is what was recommended for my Macronutrients: 

45-65% Carbohydrates

10-35% Protein

20-35% Fat
Here is how I have been eating:

40% Carbohydrates

30% Protein

30% Fat
Sources for Carbs: Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains

Sources of Protein: Lean Meat, Eggs, Nuts, Shakeology, and some Dairy (Goat & Cow)

Sources of Fat: Lean Meats, Nuts, Dairy
Here is what is different from what I ate to what I have been eating: Increased amounts of pasteurized and processed dairy and whole grains/flour, and whole grain bread
Here are my findings: 

I feel terrible! I have a lack of energy which is impacting how much I work out. I feel bloated and I feel like my blood pressure is way up. The longer I eat based on the recommendations for the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 the worse I feel.
Weight: Increased by 12 pounds in 17 days

Energy level: decreased significantly resulting in a lack of energy to work out

Stress management: harder to overcome or to accommodate

Sleep: from 6 hours average to 3 hours average

Mood: increased irritability

Body Mass: from size 38 pants to size 42 in (I repeat) 17 days!
Overall Conclusion: While these guidelines are FAR BETTER than the old Food Pyramid they are still lacking! We do not need that level of Carbohydrates! It is the same recommendation across the board of 45-65% for all age ranges and sexes… Something just feels wrong about that. You should be eating based on your goals. To be fair, these guidelines do discuss adjusting your diet to reflect your activity level, body type, BMI (which is also ridiculous), and other factors. My approach to this was as an average person who is looking at making changes. I tried to ignore things that I have learned and follow theses guidelines. I did not increase my level of alcohol consumption, I did drink one soda, a Mundrel Apple Soda, and I did have a desert with each dinner to hit the increased carbohydrate requirements. 
Starting tomorrow I will be returning to how I had been eating, but slowly. At day 7 I will fast and then return to a “Paleoish” diet (the -ish being that protein powders and pre workouts do not grow on trees or in nature). My amazing Bride wasn’t aware I was doing this little experiment, but I know this revelation is going to answer a few questions of what has been going on with me! I will be returning to the following Macronutrient levels: 

45% Protein

30% Fat

25% Carbohydrates
Aside from Ezekiel Bread, I will be removing all over “whole grains” from my diet and returning to using almond milk or goat sourced dairy. I cannot wait to start feeling like myself again! I hope you can learn from my experience! I know I am ready for a good night’s sleep! 
Have a great day! 

Erik Jonzie Jones