Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation:

Good morning everyone! Hope your day is going as fantastic as mine! Why is my day so fantastic you ask? Because I hit a milestone today! Today, when I wondered to the scale what it read was a mark of WOW! I have hit 75lbs down since I started! That’s 23.73% down from what I once was!

When I started this I picked 316 as my starting weight since that was the number I remembered from the last time I weighed myself. In all honesty and realistically it was at least 5lbs higher, but I don’t have proof. All I have is a health assessment where my weight, fully dressed in work attire, was 320 and that was a couple of weeks into my lifestyle change.

Today, the scale read 240.8!!!! I am so stoked! Thank you for being on this journey with me! It means so much! I still have more to go and am not stopping now!

It’s your turn to get out there and write your own success story!

Have a great day and a great workout!