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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: It’s funny really… Today’s topic is about staying focused on the task at hand and I started doing so much stuff this morning I lost focus of writing today’s EFBM! Ha!

Well here it is, we are well into another day. One that we have never lived and never will live again. This day is unique unto itself and in this uniqueness comes it’s own set of challenges, struggles, and interruptions. So far, around the fat boy household, today’s interruption in our routine is my son being sick. But guess what that isn’t going to stop me from getting in my workout or from catching up on my share of the housework!

No matter the day distractions and chances to derail are going to happen you have to decide how you are going to handle it. I like the accept, adapt, and keep going approach. It’s motto is “blessed are the flexible”. This isn’t in reference to your yoga prowess, it’s about your ability to adapt to the unexpected. Sometimes this could be stepping wrong and twisting and ankle does that mean you stop working out? No! You can work core and upper body!

The point is we need to stay focused. If we are only prepared to handle what we schedule we can either implode because it stresses us out! Or we can explode because things aren’t going our way. The obstacles we face day in and day out can be like those on a course. If we aren’t proper prepared to handle them we may never overcome them and sometimes even if we are prepared we still need a hand from someone doing life and navigating the course along side of us.

So get out there, handle what life throws at you and get your sweat on!

Have a great day and a great workout.