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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: the choice is yours and you will never know until you try. But stop for a moment and think about the first time you were unhappy with how you looked. Were in much younger? Were you trying on clothes? Did you catch a glimpse of your reflection? Or in my case, see pictures you didn’t like? Whatever that moment ask yourself this question: how different would I look & how much healthier would I be if I had started then?

You see you have the choice. It is up to you whether you will make lasting changes in your life. You can do it. The mental image you have for yourself can be obtained (not over night). It is going to take hard work, determination, and a willingness to be consistent. You have what it takes! Stop listening to the “I can’t” in your head and start listening to the “please, will you” in your heart.

Have a great day and a great workout!