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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: man I wish it were that easy. I wish I could just unzip and peel back the physique I know is hiding under the fat rolls. I can look in the mirror and start to see where muscle is defining through the years of inactivity and fat stores are reducing to give way to a more healthy version of the man I once was. But I am feeling impatient! It’s my body and I want it now!

I have to remind myself that I didn’t just wake up one day and was obese. It was a gradual process even if the realization felt like and overnight one. Knowing that I am not going to be able to shed this dissatisfied nature by inactivity I keep pushing. I keep striving toward that goal of, not skinny, but healthy.

And since I am not the only that feels this way keep pushing forward. Keep doing the hard work each day so that you can one day be satisfied and yes that is a possibility!


Have a great day and a great workout!