Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: its Easter and for some of us we are off to church, work, and to spend time with our families. For some there will be big elaborate dinners, quick meals, Easter egg hunts, baskets full of candy, hard boiled eggs, and all kinds of colorful things that will fill your day!

No matter how your day looks attack it with ferociousness! Go after it like a dog for a bone, a fat kid for cake, a crawling toddler for anything they aren’t supposed to have (I think you get the point)! Today, do not let festivities or even the ABUNDANCE of candy wreck your hard work. If you choose to indulge that’s fine, but do not wreck your hard work and progress! The momentary satisfaction is not worth the hours of beating yourself up (if you are one to do that). Remember it’s easier to not eat 300 calories than it is to work it off!

Be purposeful, be ferocious, be unrelenting in the pursuit of your goals.

Have a great day and a great workout and Happy Easter!