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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: Eat. You need to eat. For far too long I know I filled my stomach and life with chemical cocktails of preservatives, fillers, and by-products. Don’t get me wrong some of them taste so good, but share some of the same chemical properties as the coolant in my car. (Which, if drank, will make you HORRIBLY sick if not kill you.)

Recently, I was asked how much difference eating clean/paleo has made to my success so far. My response was about 60%. For my bride it has been a huge factor. She had been stuck at one amount with regards to her weight loss and still running regularly. She threw the Paleo way of eating on top of it and in roughly 3 months had lost as much fat as she did the previous year. Not just that but lean muscle tone began to take shape.

I am not saying you have to eat they exact way we do. I do recommend taking a serious look at how you are eating. If you are already getting ample fruits, vegetables, and lean meats into your diet great! If not, then cut something out of your regular meals to make room for them. Just like there are three major Macro-nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat there are the Macro components to a healthy lifestyle: Eat, Workout, Rest.

The sad part is we think eat and workout are the most time consuming. They are not. Rest is. In order to get to the rest part, you need to be fueling your body properly through healthy nutrition so that you can workout harder than you thought you could and then rest and really restore your body.

Let me encourage you to try. Let me encourage you to change what you eat and what you drink. Give up soda of one week. If you need caffeine drink fresh brewed green tea or regular black coffee (no sugar or creamer) I know it sounds horrible but truly good coffee doesn’t need the Starbucks treatment. The rest of the time drink water. Yes your body will tell you it’s craving the soda, but don’t give in. For 7 days go without it and let me know how you feel. Are you willing to take my challenge?

And with that I am off to the gym.

Have a great day and happy eating!