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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I am sure by know you have noticed the VAST array of workout options out there! So the excuse of nothing works for me won’t fly. You don’t have to lift weights like I do or do the sprint intervals like I do, but for the love of Pete do something. You know what the interweb can be an incredible resource with an abundance of online tools! Check out YouTube! Just search something like Yoga at home and get started!

If you are grossly overweight like I was start by walking. Make sure you aren’t going to give yourself a coronary by doing too much too fast. Also, don’t be afraid to try something made popular by the opposite sex. Guys: Zumba is loads of fun. It can also be a relationship builder if you choose to do it with your sweetie! Plus it will give you a chance to laugh through the awkwardness that you are probably going to feel. Ladies: make his day by asking him to show you how lift. Nothing is going to make him feel more like a man, your man, than him teaching you something. You are already doing life together, why not start doing healthy life together.

Get up, get active! Banana! (Sorry it’s a minion thing!)

And with that I’m off to the gym! I opted for sleeping in… Apparently I was tired and needed close to 13 hours sleep… Haha! Silly Fat Boy wearing himself out! So time to get my not as big rear in gear!

Have a great day and a great workout!