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Erik’s Fat Boy: I want you to push. Push past your limits and comfort zone harder than any other day at the gym. This is what I said to myself as I looked into the mirror before I walked out of the locker room at the gym. And all throughout my time there today I kept telling myself, “goals are not reached unless you work for them. You must push past what you think is your limit.”

And I impressed myself. I started with assisted pull ups and dips, then redid the 13.2 modified I wrote about on Saturday adding an additional set in the same amount of time. Then went on to do squats, bench press, tricep and should lifts. On my squats I used weight I was almost too afraid to use before! (Granted I will probably be sore tomorrow, but it will be a good hurt!)

When I first started working out I pushed so hard that even 10 minutes after leaving the gym I was still shaking and even though I am a hot sweaty mess at the end of my workouts now, I am not pushing myself like I had been. That’s not fair to me or you. So today I pushed and I am happier for it. More satisfied.

I want the same for you. Today, push past your comfort zone (safely!). Whatever that looks like for you. For me it was more weight more reps. It may be longer on your run, trying a new food, starting a new program, or giving up something. Whatever it is do it. It is well worth it!

At some point you might just thank yourself.

Have a great day and a great workout!