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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: it’s an all out battle! This is war! It’s the battle of the waistline bulge! OK… Enough cheesy one liners… I get it!

But really though all of them apply. As I’ve written before I want to equip people with tools for removing excuses and bettering their life physically through the example of my life. And that example is one of a daily fight! We are surrounded by billboards, tv commercials, and the products themselves that want to just be so freakin’ tasty, but so horrible for our health! So this is war! Each day involves strategy, planning, checking for reinforcements, checking supplies, and holding the line.

The opposing side spends billions each year WORLDWIDE to promote their product and they are really good at it. (No this isn’t me bashing capitalism or consumerism) This is me bashing the product. This is me bashing the lack of responsibility in our lives for eating like crap, feeling like crap, and the repeating the same crappy cycle day in and day out!


My oldest child once sat down in the floor of a blockbuster (going on 10 years ago… Way to make yourself feel old Erik) and repeated crap three times… She was tired of being in the car and it was her response to getting back in the car. But how often do we mutter the same sentiment? What did you have for lunch today? Oh just some crap from ________________. You can fill I the blank.

And what is our workout response? If we workout (if we aren’t feeling too much like crap) we kill ourselves on the treadmill and the elliptical and see little for our efforts.

Instead, this is my call to action, my call to war!

Fill your life and your belly with awesome goodness! Lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome nuts and berries and see if you don’t start feeling like you could take on the world! I dare you! I double dog dare you! Then when you go to the gym watch at how energized you feel! Then before you know the fat starts to retreat! Each day you make the choice to fill your body with healthy wholesome foods you are winning a battle. Each day you choose to be physically active that’s another battle won. Before you know it the tide is turning, you are holding your ground and and your pants up because the weight is coming off!

Today, declare war on the unhealthy in your life! I need people to fight along side with me! The battles feel daunting and at times even I want to eat an oatmeal cream pie, so I need you with me. Let’s fight our battles together and win the war against fat and being physically unhealthy!

Have a great day and a great battle! I mean workout!