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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I think there were times when I would go a couple if weeks without looking in a mirror. And if I did I would focus on my beard. I couldn’t look myself in the year nor did I want to look at the rest of me. So I would stare into my rusty ginger face sweater.

I wonder how many of you reading this have done the same, with or without the beard.

Have you reached the point of making a change? Are you already making those changes?

Here is what I do: almost begrudgingly drag my butt out of bed, mix my pre-work out (pink lemonade is still my favorite flavor of C4), and take off for the gym. I say begrudgingly because really I would rather stay in bed. My hot bride is curled up and snuggled into bed, it’s early, and I like to cuddle with her! Yeah, I said it! So what! But so that I can do my part to be able to cuddle with her for many many years to come I go. I walk through the door, give the nice morning staff my number, and get started making my fat cry! The result is the ability to look my I to my baby blues and be satisfied!

This isn’t about self-absorption it’s about self-worth. If you have never thought negatively about yourself then you may not understand, but for those who just wish you could be happy in your own skin or finally are after not being then you get it. You understand all too well…

Today is the day you can claim back your mirror! Today is the day you can start looking into your eyes and say, “you can do it, you are worth it.”

Because you are!

Have a great day!