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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: my bride sent this picture to me, not as a reminder, but for today’s post. How cool is that?!? And that is what it is about, people coming along side you and supporting you. Cause guess what buttercup? This ain’t easy. If it were there wouldn’t be an obesity or overweight problem in this country. If it were fried chicken, ice cream, and single malt scotch would be health foods because they contain the correct ratio of food groups based in the food pyramid put out by the government. By they way, these aren’t health foods, but they are so tasty!

This lifestyle change, because that is what it is, takes you from eating like crap, treating your body and mind like crap, and racking up pounds and inches to being miserable as you do your 25th burpee, feeling miserable about how you once treated your body, and watching as that misery gives way to satisfaction when you see the tide of self-inflicted hurt roll back ebb to a healthier more active you. (And yes that sentence was long!)

So what if you cannot do a push-up like you are a Navy Seal, guess what neither could they at one point (sure they were 5 and I’m in my 30’s but whatever). They had to start somewhere. I started by getting my butt off the couch and changing what I ate and started working out. You can too. Be warned though, if you give up because it’s tough, the rest of us don’t want to here your excuses unless you are willing to hear us encourage the crap out of you to start over.

OH and if you want to tell me about how much tennis and basketball you play while I see you killing three donuts and talking about having way more of the aforementioned “health food” then you should and then you talk about how you would like to lose 30 more pounds but just don’t understand why you can’t… I will walk away from you (and maybe slap the donut from your jowls)! You have been infected with something that causes situational blindness and robs one of their common sense and I don’t want to catch that! If you are that person… Stop it! You sound dumb on a level that is not funny and almost sad.

I don’t have all of this figured out.

But I know what works for me and all I can do is relay that to others. If you don’t want to hear about the workouts, the excuses that have been discarded, and the dietary changes that have brought it all then please, when you start to complain about how nothing you try seems to work stop yourself. Because for each one of us who have made changes in our life and are reaping the benefits we are happy to walk you through it! We are happy to help you because we KNOW how much you are going to want to quit and give up and we are going to tell you NOT TO!

Becoming healthier is hard, but you can do this! It is worth it!

Have a great day and a great workout!