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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I know I have posted a similar picture before, but this morning I am feeling impatient. I want to step up to the pull-up bar and just start cranking out rep after rep unassisted, but that isn’t the case. I want to walk up to the squat rack and do 350#s more than once, but that isn’t the case. I want to be able to do a true burpee, but my belly gets in the way so that isn’t happening! YET!

While I would like the immediacy of now, I will gladly take the satisfying results of working for it. There is just something sweet, like honey on a fasting tongue, watching the weight decrease from my assisted pull-ups, increased amount of reps on various squats, and longer times planking. There is something rewarding about stepping up to my closet and wondering what new item I can wear because I have dropped more weight and inches from my body.

But it is no less frustrating to be giving it all you’ve got, leaving all your excuses on the gym floor along with your pride and sweat then picking yourself up then seeing no physical results. Been there! BUT take this to heart and keep it in mind. Others see your hard work. Others see you struggle to make the best choices for you. Others see you giving it all you have at the gym and steady coming back for me. Others see your relentless spirit in the pursuit of a healthier you!

Don’t give up!

You are an inspiration to others who were in your same shoes when you decided to start. That quiet desperation you felt that drove you to make serious changes in your life, there are people around you feeling the same way! Keep up the good work! Even when people roll their eyes at another post about your workout, your dietary changes, how clothes are fitting now keep them coming because if you can impact one person then that is all that matters. It could mean you have a new workout buddy, someone new to eat lunch with, take walks with OR it could mean you have inspired someone to make changes that have helped them come off blood pressure medicine, stave off a heart attack, push back the implications of obesity, or just helped them enjoy life more fully.

You may be thinking of giving up because you’ve only lost 1/2 a pound in 2 months, but your dedication, your drive, your push… well they could be what others are using to find their strength!

Do them a favor: DON’T GIVE UP & FINISH STRONG!!!

Have a great day and a great workout!