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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: it’s been my experience that I will hurt for 3 reasons after working out. 1. I did it wrong 2. I over did it 3. I nailed it, was so excited because I didn’t know if I could, and keep doing it!

Today is a mix of #2 & #3!

Wednesday, I did my normal routine which included squats (with weight) then that night I did Zumba with my bride, and yesterday I did sprint intervals, seated leg press, and core. Today… I am sore!

But it’s all good! I welcome it! For me it means that I am pushing past my comfort zone, my layers of fat and weakness, and years of doubt and regret. Working out has become more than just physically satisfying from weight loss and gained strength and ability, it has become almost a psychological restoration. My sense of accomplishment and self image have improved! This is not an admission of narcissism but and admission of how badly I spoke and thought of myself. And while I still call myself “Fat Boy” it comes from a place of motivation.

Today, I may be physically sore, but I do not feel emotionally or psychologically broke! That is my hope for you! That with each step, rep, and bead of sweat (like what I did there šŸ˜„) you are tearing through your layers of denial, hurt, excuses, and weakness! I want you to be sore, but smiling as you walk away from your first completed mile, your first finished set, and your first opportunity of giving yourself a chance!

Get sore today, but don’t over do it!

Have a great day and a great workout!