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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I have started using a phrase over the past couple of weeks, “Gonna make my fat cry.” At first it was just a statement of humor, to help lighten the idea of working out. Now I feel as if it has become a battle cry in my onslaught against years for self abuse and neglect. Now it is my warning shot that I am about to push myself past easy and into the uncomfortable. Now it is my mind’s reminder to my body that we are about to push past previous limits I to a workout that will leave us breathing heavy on the floor in a sweaty pile of satisfaction and exhaustion.

Today, make your fat cry! I would dare to say that most of your limits are self-imposed and can be overcome by saying, “I can and I will”. The proof of this is hearing yourself quietly say. “I did it!” Then smiling hugely with the satisfaction of knowing you are one workout closer to whatever goal you set, whatever dream you have, and whatever hope for your future you have envisioned.

So get up, put down your excuses and sweat!

Have a great day and a great workout!