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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: diets come and go, but lifestyles are what truly stand the test.

My bride (who is my biggest cheerleader, support, and really source of inspiration) sent me the picture for today. And it’s so true! All kinds of experts, not just the fat boy, will tell you what you eat is so vital. I have stated it before that it’s easier to not eat 300 calories than it is to work it off. This is something that I continue to remind myself of. Not as a point to limit what I eat, but to make sure what I am putting in my body is worth it. At my house we try to eat as clean and as Paleo as possible. It is something that has lead to my success and that of my brides. But it is so much work! Veggie prep, meal planning, recipe scouring, it all takes time which is why it’s a lifestyle. But it is important.

Don’t use your body as a disposal. Treat yourself better than that! It will make all the difference!

Have a great day and happy eating!