Let me start off by saying I despise the use of a scale for measuring success. A weight scale is a terrible indicator of health. The scale does not reflect the agony of stress and depression that may have led to the gain. It does not reflect the hopelessness felt with Auotimmune Issues or inflammation. But as a culture we have been taught and conditioned to run to the scale for a “measure of success”. And while I have fought to break this conditioning it still lingers. Today I stepped on the scale after a week and a half since the last time I was weighed…. 2.4 pounds down! From 275 to 272.6. That isn’t much, but it was the emotional boost I needed this morning as my body is still sore. 

Progress is progress! I will maintain that how you feel in your own skin and your body measurements are the best indicators of progress, sometimes we need those emotional victories to keep us moving forward! 

Keep going! Don’t give up! Remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives!